Safe Reopening of Businesses

Preparing to reopen your business amidst the uncertainty of COVID-19?

Is it safe to reopen?

Are your employees able to return to work?

What are potential risks and liability to your business?

Let our Team of Staff and Provider help answer these questions and give you the information you need to safely reopen your business.

Our Occupational Medicine Team of Staff and Providers will help your organization design specific protocols that meet your industry standards.

COVID-19 Testing
COVID-19 Antibody Testing
Clear Employees to Return-To-Work
Manage Employees with COVID-19 Symptoms
Create Work Space That’s Functional and Safe

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Shelter-In-Place Services

To assist our patients who may not be able to travel outside their homes.


Easily and reliably speak with our Providers face-to-face from anywhere. HIPAA-compliant so you can feel safe connecting with our Providers.

SMS Messaging

Stay connected with our Staff and Providers. HIPAA-compliant secure messaging lets you share files, videos, and photos with just one tap.


We are open during this COVID-19 pandemic
To be of service to our community and taking extra steps to ensure the safety of our patients and staff

COVID-19 Entrance

We have a separate entrance and exam room for patients being evaluated, tested, or managed for COVID-19.

The room is designed specifically to prevent cross-contamination of viral cases. Our Staff and Providers wear Personal Protective Equipment. The room is cleaned and sterilized after every use.

Upon arrival, stay in your vehicle.

Call our urgent care (661) 587-2500 or Text us (661) 367-8897.

We will instruct you with further instructions. We can register you over the phone and bring any paperwork to you.

COVID-19 Testing

We offer COVID-19 testing.

Nasopharyngeal or Oropharyngeal swabs.
The swab test can tell if you have the virus in your body at that moment.

Blood test for IgM and IgG antibodies.
The blood test shows whether you’ve ever been infected with the virus, even if you didn’t have symptoms.

IgM, which your body makes for about 2 weeks before the levels drop.
IgG, which your body makes more slowly (within 4 weeks) but which usually lasts longer.

COVID-19 Management

Most patients with COVID-19 have mild to no symptoms. They may just need rest, fluid, and supportive care.

Some patients with COVID-19 may require medications to control their symptoms. Our providers can evaluate and treat these symptoms and help to prevent these symptoms from worsening.

Patients with severe symptoms should be evaluated and treated in the Emergency Department.

Social Distancing

We kindly ask our patients to maintain Social Distancing while in the urgent care.

Chairs are 6-feet apart.
Please wear face masks. Masks are available upon request.
Hand Sanitizers are placed throughout the urgent care.

We treat


What is Urgent Care
When To Go To ER
What Are Your Payment Policies
What If I Don't Have Insurance
What If I have a Different Insurance
Do I need an appointment to be seen
What should I bring with me when I come in to be seen

Our Services

Urgent Care

Our freestanding urgent care center is equipped with digital x-ray, on-site laboratory service, medication dispensing, respiratory therapy, IV fluid therapy, orthopedic treatments, procedure room for minor surgical treatments, and much more. Click here for more information.

Urgent Derm

Our providers evaluate and treat various dermatological conditions. We utilize state of the art technologies, including laser treatments. We work closely with other specialists to help diagnose and treat your skin condition.  Click here for more information.

IV Vitamin Infusion

We provide vitamin infused blends to optimize repair, recovery, and rehydration on the cellular level. Our therapies and formulations are created and perfected to address a variety of symptoms such as dehydration, weight management, low libido, hangovers, low energy, jet lag, migraines, nausea, and other ailments.  Click here for more information.

Occupational Medicine

We offer a wide range of occupational health services to support companies in maintaining a healthy and safe workforce while reducing the overall cost of health care for the companies and the employees. Short waiting time and rapid return to work are priorities for our occupational medicine patients. We are committed to accurate communication of employee treatment plans and return to work status.  Click here for more information.

Sendas Urgent Care is proud to be affiliated with the following local, regional, and national insurance companies to provide the best care and coverage for our patients and customers.

For more information, please call (661) 587-2500.